I developed these infographics in collaboration with UC Cooperative Extension and the Berkeley Food Institute during my tenure as a CNR Graduate Student in Extension.

Nesting Strategies– This infographic describes the basic nesting biology of the two major groups of solitary bees: above- and below-ground nesters.

Native Bee Nest Locations– This infographic shows the locations in agricultural areas where native bees are likely to nest.

Managing Nesting Bees– This infographic discusses the management strategies growers can use to promote native bees on their farms

Selecting Hedgerow Plants– Need help figuring out which plant species to put in your hedgerow? This guide to hedgerow plants that thrive in the Northern Sacramento Valley can assist you!

Thanks to Rachael Long, Mary Fahey, Katharina Ullmann, Mace Vaughan and Claire Kremen for their contributions and edits. Jamie Tibbetts Graphic Designs provided guidance and assistance with Adobe Illustrator.

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