In the News

Pollinators as a national priority- article in the Daily Cal.

Article about Kaysee and my work tracking native movement in the Berkeley Science Review Notes From the Field Section.

Great article about bee conservation, including work in my lab from UCSC’s Science Notes

UC Berkeley is breaking ground on interdisciplinary research in sustainable agriculture: “How to Feed the World: Start Small”

Berkeleyside article on local Annie’s Sustainable Agriculture Scholarship (note: not all quotes are exact and there are a few typos)

Kaysee Tom’s senior thesis project (which I advise) described on the Berkeley Center for Diversified Farm Systems site

Western Sustainable Agriculture Grant makes some news on the FarmProgress site

More news about the WSARE grant on ESPM’s website “our environment”

For students interested in applying for grants, such as the NSFGRFP, Rachel Smith has complied successful applications on her webpage. My application is available there under “Bee Reproductive Success.”  All materials are property of the original author and can not be reproduced or copied without permission.