Southern Diversity

I’m a San Diego native, so I can’t resist writing about James Hung, who works on native bee inventorying in SD county. Hung is PhD student at UCSD who I met while on the Bee Course in Arizona. He has been cataloging bees visiting flowering in patches of habitat in what he calls “a sea of development.” He’s found over 350 species- that’s about 2x as many as I’ve seen in Yolo County in the Central Valley. He has even described new species previously unknown to science. All of these are being curated at the San Diego Museum of Natural History.

It is hoped that his work can help identify areas for conservation, and shed light on how drought affects bee communities.

In addition to this, he is also a wonderful photographer:


Check out the full article on his research at ucsd news. Or follow his new bee blog, which is sure to contain more beautiful pictures and neat insights into the bee fauna of Southern California.


2 thoughts on “Southern Diversity

  1. Of course- your work is very neat! It was great to read about it, and I plan to check your blog (especially for the great photos). Pollinator researcher unite!
    I am not doing field work because I finished gathering all my data, but I do plan to do a lot of outreach 🙂

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